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will weigh, it is seen that any part of the ligament is suf-
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relatively small number of cases where the addict is
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appeared to be an almost hopeless condition that it leads me to say
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suggested that, as acute Bright's disease is not unfrequently excited by
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even of the calibre of the artery at this point ; it is generally the result of endo-
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chloro-anaemia it may rapidly induce. The cinnamon here is of surprising
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whatever; later on, one centigramme of morphia was added to the usual dose,
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has pointed out that the estimation of the combined chlorin or of the neutral chlorids
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the superior oblique and the internal rectus of the left
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two days being practically the same. The 40th day showed a
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Necrotizing vasculitis, paresthesias, icterus, pan-
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osteomyelitis cases, either tubercular or non- tubercular, he
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Dr. de Stefani maintains, in reference to the curative action of nux vomica,
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any of the carminatives, or etherial, alcoholic or ammoniacal
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all cases where no blood-vessels prevent it, pass an eyed probe
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well as on voluntary effort." With regard to the nature of the lesion, it
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shown that it will pass a Berkefeld filter. Tight collars and occupa-
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quantity of rain was very nearly the same as the average.
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*' Now it is necessary to make compression, and very special care should be
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in glanders as in tubercle. They are regarded by Villemin as one
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all cases sclerosis and atrophy of the optic nerves. In the early
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fusely. This continued till the end, even when the surface tem-
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tenance pinched. Vomiting came on, and things began
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tem, or the broncho-respiratory ; and the pulmonary is called the true respira-
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sloop Constellation, Flag Officer William Inman, Fleet
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of indifference to him what precautionary measures were taken in other
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ing information should be read carefully before admini-
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to the hospitals they are only to stay a few hours or
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widely-extended evil, and to report tliereupon to the Inter-
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kidney-shaped ulcers on the dorsum of the foot, proved most
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poison. My opinion is that neither of the above theories is correct,
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derangement from above downward from the first to the third
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Anderson, St. Thomas Hospital; Surgical and Topographical Anatomy, by W. A.
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age. It is wise to align yourself with a doctor somewhat
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CIRRHOSIS OF THE LUNG, Article on, by Charlton Bastian,
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without having recourse to an operation which, on the
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