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blennonhn?a, or a clironic inflammation, if he jjersists
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of those arising from avoidable and those due to un-
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tisfactorily, but died, as above stated, in the midst of apparent
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In England the feeling was strongly in favour of regarding local
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Eastern Penitentiary, Philadelphia. Med. News, N. Y.,
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While an exact danger line is hard to draw, respirations of 50 or more,
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wrong-doing, Dr. Maudsley takes occasion to remind them that life-long con-
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was a rise of temperature to 100.6° F., accompanied by pain,
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raised up from the uterus into a black pyriform tumour con-
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in which the appearances of the stomach were the same as those de-
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than for the application of remedies. In no class of
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for the two years. This result, very desirable to be ascertained,
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ordered and pathological creatures such as have now
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small. He attributes the lessened mortality among the Rus-
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The age of the first onset of menstruation is termed " Puberty."
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and inquiring portions of them, his philosophy of rain and storms :
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or of omission. In the former class are comprehended
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The foregoing remarks will show the enormous importance
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pedal digits, and around the coronets. In some cases the mouth
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It is known to every one, who has seen any cholera treatment, that
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by removing the ligature. The author adds the further observation
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habit of the subject; and having arisen, it still partakes of the
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nutrition. Food is of no value unless it is absorbed. The
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coinminuted fracture, in which there had been a loss of
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DiagnoslB. — (-.'are should be taken to exclude fubfrrular
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and walks out a little every day. Besides this treatment, he has
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has been done, it may be too late. It is not always advisable to
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the acute attack had entirely i)assed away) showe<l.
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This fluid must have exit or we die in a few hours. If it does not have
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which they took their origin. Further, in these and such like affections,
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the hip-joint, which is, however, relieved if his limb is placed in a
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excellently well described : nothing of importance is omitted ;
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calcium salts are deposited in a new-formed tissue whose structure stimu-
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are the rare cases in which what is called spontaneous
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resultato compleio. Sperinientale, Fireuze, 1886, Iviil,
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The physiological results following total extirpation are
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turbid fluid which was centrifuged at high speed. Film preparations showed
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