Antabuse Iatrogenic Calcinosis Cutis

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selves — both the lay and the professional groups — it is a

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nostic means to guide subsequent treatment. Dr. Bremond at

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within from twenty-four to thirty-six hours. On the intervening evening the sink-

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Dr. Kirchheim relates the case of a man, aged 23, suffering from eczema, for

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only person that suffers inconvenience ; but the matter is

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On the following day, everything was progressing favorably*

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antabuse iatrogenic calcinosis cutis

101. 1. Twos right (left), 2. MARCH, 3. Full step, 4. MARCH, 5.

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cites the physiological rythmic contractions of that organ, in the

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existence of communications between the thoracic duct and

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the lashes are trimmed with a straight scissors, the blades of which

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the catamenia ; though I have seen no cases of the kind, save where

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tl«iaa, Bhenmatism, ScroAila, Affeetiooa' of the Kidneys, Hysteria and

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priate end is the preservation of the individual, and which, collec-

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ple, there often arife violent head-achs, which de-

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the neighbourhood, who took some blood from his arm, but did

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(c). In the concentrations which are safely attained in the body

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exclusively the latter, whilst others again make a selection of cases which appear

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that consumption is not inherited — a statement decidedly more

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this subject. He said that the real change from breast to other

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in connection with neuritis itself, neuro-retinitis, retinitis, con-

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bacilli entered from the intestine directly into these passages. Two such