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to some extent. The head of the metacarpal bone appeared to

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of the soft parts and the ligaments being separated along the lower border

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Of frequent occurrence on the Big Wind River ; by B. C. Buf-

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normal, when the hypermetropia ( + 8 D) of which he is the

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occurrence in the same locality ; and if we are to benefit by

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pathic outfit, and that medical colleges ought to cease

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containing excess of white cells. By Dec. 13, the legs were partially paralyzed;

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strongly insisted on. Beyond this the subject-matter

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of calomel were given, succeeded by repeated doses of emetic

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15. Journ. Physiol., Cambridge and London, 1889, vol. x. p. 345. 16.

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mata, perhaps more frequently as a sequel to scarlet fever, rheumatism,

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safe, and certain method of cure in this form of disease.

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occurs. This condition is known as decerebrate rigidity.

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If, however, this bacillus is only an exciting cause,

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leave their homes. Medicines are given out at the central

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achroodextrin — and maltose are formed. Erythrodextrin forms a coloured com-

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with severe medical or surgical disease, incapable of being

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not really encouraging! Seitz's techuic differs somewhat from that

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friend’s response would have appeared reasonable and

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sist in a progressive paresis, first in the superior, then

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number, and it may be stated as a i^roposition

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the title of their writings and the dates. The 29th is at the

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ment with her last child, which died soon after its birth, she was led to regard

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Dalby. Diseases and Injuries of the Bar. By Sir William B.

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Statistics of the fatal accidents in the Alps for the past

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pulse alone had given me cause for alarm ; but there

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feeble) strength, a slight contraction of the vessels that are controlled by the

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the victim of which were found, on the floor, seven

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1. The disease is very prevalent in spring and autumn, and