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infection is possible, the skin should be kept washed with antiseptic
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known throughout the medical world. I need not mention them. His latest,
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use. Each session occupies an hour, since the lift must
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not be ascertained. It was evidently a case of instrumen-
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vages of that malady, his efforts in proposing a method of treat-
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Tannin, Acidum Tannicum ; are obtained from galls, and
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more or less turgidity of the blood-vessels of the gastric
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splenic enlargement, with a little local tenderness in .that region,
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version pessary, in a very recent case, has given me great
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are injndicious, but dry cups, sinapisms, or stimulating liniments may be
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softening of the haemoglobin, which makes some cor-
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In reporting his observations on cancer of the rectum, Wells
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which one can isolate amoebae upon culture, are sources of infection
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the most distinguished physicians in the State were educated. Dr.
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apyrexial periods they are not seen at all in the peripheral blood.
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In certain cases its actiop was more unfavorable cm
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to be as hairy as certain of the lower animals. Patches or groups of hair,
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article. I began its use about eighteen months ago, and I have
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coats. The nuclei in the adventitia proliferate freely, and the protoplasm
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the rate retire before it. When the hold is opened they are
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His original intention had been to prepare himself for the
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in perfectly normal life, as may be shown by any clinical estimation. But
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fits appeared oii May 21, 1866, at a calnmenial period, and
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or feces, for which many other causes than ulcer may be found, e. g.,
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this sickening effect of the medicine, we prescribed it for her in the fol-
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%Valton strongly advises that in these operations the' skin
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Medical College (in affiliation with the University of Chi-
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Case III. — H. M*p., aged twenty-four, 1-para; April 23rd ; had
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aod I think that we may advaotageously dispense with the preventive
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very distinct. I also detected a luxation of inter-
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frequently been accidentally inoculated on the hands of medical men, and
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confined to the mouth, where it is so commonly observed, but
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