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normal fibres are necessarily capable of conduction, or that the proportion of
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I could not detect any venereal symptom in the parents, but
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of those injected with the bile extract alone. This demonstra-
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the larynx. The result of this experiment, in counterproof of the
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the blood-pressure was 230 systolic, 160 diastolic, the pulse 100, regular. The reflexes
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Filehne. Uselessness of Examination for Urobilin Postmortem, Virch. Archiv,
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mechanism for the lock and key effect which one so often thinks of in the
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malarial meningitis (vide Medical Science, 1919, 1, 59-60), primary
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the course of the typhoid or after a longer or shorter period of
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did not disappear. Urobilin appeared in the urine of dog A, which
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3. An increased quantity of urobilin in the stools indicates in-
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Sternberg points out that a definite scheme of antisyphilitic treatment
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Leukocytic formula: small lymphocytes, 92 per cent.; large non-
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goitres led to the following tentative conclusions: (1) that at least
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which should be performed with the greatest care, and certainty in know-
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Four principal explanations of the hemiplegias of this group
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occurs the surgeon has evidence that the abdominal cavity has been entered.
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point, but opposite the space between the spines of the 12th dorsal and 1st
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ophthalmia made its appearance in three dogs after withholding the vitamin
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drops. I also gave him a piece of sponge, with which to