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Caution patients about driving, operating hazardous machinery or drinking
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few moments, and after two hours standing was then filtered.
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of urine, it is then necessary to determine w^hether operative treat-
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6. It is suggested that for certain purposes the hydrogen ion con-
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feature as a means of differentiation ; nor could its presence be accepted
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ditions quite the same as those which I have just been describing;
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induced by an external injury, which need not necessarily be very severe to give
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Personally we have been greatly pleased with it, and have
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The method of the production of these different murmurs in the differ-
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to $1,800, 5.1% and over, 2.7%. The number of families involved
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l^fl red corpuscles. Thus they are blood impoverishers, when
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Dust Infection. True dust infection requires that the organism with-
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bering their labors was the dut}'- of all medical men.
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tipped and projecting at almost right angles to the stem. A single,
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Germany. We have previously (p. 666) referred to the
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June 25. — Patient has complained of headache for the last two days,
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distant parts of the bod)' are involved, the lesion must
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cian to secure a trustworthy witness of her guilt. The physi-
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There seem to have been no troops at this station in
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and report upon the propriety of dividing the Association into sections, for the pui-poso
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from another source (the serum must be fresh, active, and negative) .
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where a causal relationship is not certain: confusion, paresthesia,
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c. c. of water and one drop of the ferric-chloride solu-
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patches, such as may occur, although rarely, in syphilis, are of inflammatory
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casting stones and dirt at each other, These are not argu-
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place, the phenomena of the secondary and tertiary stages may seem to