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The University of California, Davis, School of Medicine, is

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In this connection the case of Dr. C. E. Riggs is of interest,^

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lar block may occur under any condition. The dropped beats may,

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beyond Legislative interference, making the regents alone responsible

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6. Popp AJ, Chater NL: Extracranial to intracranial vascular!

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pleura and parietes. It contained about half an ounce of slightly turbid serum,

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were accompanied by general nervous depression and weak-

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March 9th. 'I'he title should read Hensationalism in Medicine

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same history, stating that she could detect the smallest quantity of

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F.R.C.S., ill " blasters of Medicine" Series ; Longmans, Green & Co.,

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clusion from this seems to be that the liver glycogen is essential for

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reference list should be typewritten and double-spaced or

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wording, and might possibly gain in places by a freer and

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selecting the site, draining by means of surface channels

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the possibility that both the local and blood eosinophilia in patients

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and below the site of the actual swelling. This con-

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Without going into the subject in detail, we may nevertheless take

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in consequence of great loss of its serum (as in cholera, chronic

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Sleeping sickness as an epidemic is reported to have broken

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character, nothing of the kind ever made me feel like

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tirely unexplained why the stomach does not digest itself

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free from pain and full of his accustomed energy, " re-

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years by other pens. Dr Smith became the trusted friend

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bladder. In this woman also the menstrual secretion passes through the bladder. The wo-