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Syphihs, alcohol, excessive smoking, exjjosurc to cold, and many

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on the left side of the face, except one on the nose, which

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perusal of which will help those who are inclined to

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and be strong and have a good, fair chance in the world to make

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beri-beri, while unpolished rice does not cause this disease.

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This accounts for the variations in the descriptions of the disease.

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Morbid Anatomy. — There is nothing in opium poisoning to dis-

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of them were obliged to enter the hospital for quartern fever, the

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must be very seriously impaired or altogether lost.

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the place of sale, coupled with a lack of proper organization in the

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the speculum may be adjusted, so as to bring into view the os uteri, and any other

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Pancreatic lithiasis is recognizable only when -calculi are

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rather than kept up uninterruptedly for any length of

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On the following day, everything was progressing favorably*

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In the case of germs which have formed resting spores, it

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monly in the extremities; — they have sometimes been found con-

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for this service, and in that case the applicant must pay, or the

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they lay claim to all professional knowledge. But, really, when they

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most of them German tailors and shoemakers, ana great

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think we shall see the reunion of those functions or forces whose

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it aims to continue the biography of Luther and a history of

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phia three, Brooklyn and Pittsburgh two each, Baltimore, Mil-

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factor. Many authors have laid too little stress upon the

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6. Light and dryness are great friends of the lungs: darkness and

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sensibility, beginning in the hands and feet, and some-

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performance of their various functions. These effects must have their

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cases, it failed to disclose such cells. In none of

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During the year 1883, 28,139 diet cards were distributed.