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rude state ; it was^ confined to the forcible extrac-
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Owing to the pressure of the womb on the blood-vessels, the veins
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right spirit is there. It is a spirit of improvement, of progress,
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in the life-long immunity conferred by vaccination; and yet if it had not
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5 — Most Important Sources of Animal Tuberculosis.
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three had convulsions preceding the attack. One otlier had
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under the influence of torture is never to be predi-
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increased strength and at shorter intervals than in other diseases.
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the medical profession should take the lead, and that by 'a
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After 30 years' service for pension .... £700 per annum.
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"Large doses should be given, 30 to 50 Cc, rather than
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much toward changing this condition and placing the
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successful physician than that of a victorious soldier. The successful
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chloride of zinc, may be advisable, but in most, excision and transplantation of
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Obviously then, linked up with our public health service should be
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The clinical subjects which at present have been selected
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other articulations, as in ribs and innimonate. The
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Day following operation animal is sick. Temperature normal. 48 hours after
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Laramie Hills, May 16, 1894 (No. 31); Centennial Valley, June
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would be quite superfluous for horses that only have
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operation was rational in theory, and that if the ligaments
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ation of the cavity was obtained, and patient was dis-
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impinging on the olfactory nerves. The renewal of the integument,
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as a solid, reflective and painstaking teacher of the branches
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Where the Dr. learned such " courteousness/' we will
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was present. Primary pleuritis was never observed, although Kundrat
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greater tendency to terminal dementia among Anglo-Saxons than
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examination of the nervous system. The chapter on the