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easing my pain ; and it is the first dose of medicine I have ever
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great Stalk, three or four foot high, without either
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Belladonna do not correspond with those of the disease, it was folly
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wiU observe another with parched tongue and throat, and yet without
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till you fee the Receiver to be filled with white Clouds,
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The brevity of the book is noteworthy. All the diseases depend-
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Chateau-Thierry. I don't think there is any question but that the
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ration of pulse. It is unnecessary for me to detail the symptoms which
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mation. This affords a very curious subject of investigation, as con-
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be fatal to the enclosed foetus. Some ova, as for instance those of
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tence of disease, but also its locality, extent, and precise nature. It
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of teaching is, that however well inclined the student may be, he is
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enfeebled, sleepless nights, ringing in the ears, bears but little
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ing gratitude and honor be to the illustrious founder of homoeopathy ;
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is severe vomiting, and perhaps diarrhoea, unaccompanied by thirst or
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I have thus fully brought forward the result of my experience on
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kingdom, uses nothing but coal for firing. It is to the more substan-
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dry sand of San Francisco to blow about in such quantities as to
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in the case of a florid healthy-looking boy, aged six years, in whom,
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who has done all thele things for Ton ■, to whom 1 make
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amount to 112,072 — in the proportion of 100 males to 86*14 females
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anaesthetic failed to reduce it ; and hot applications
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suggestion in the last number of the Gazette, writes that "Dr. Clark was
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influences of the nervous system upon nutrition and secretions,
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application of mercurial ointment with extract of belladonna to the
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served, but I mention this explanation to impress on your minds how
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after birth, and that in those cases it is alwaj^s accompanied by the
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inflammation was general — as where enteric is combined with peritoneal
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few minutes after a paroxysm of itching and pricking pain in the rectum had
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Case 1. Was called by Dr. Pratt, to assist him in dressing a wound
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powerful alike for good or evil, and in the administration of which no
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should furnish us with the most reliable clinical experience at his
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this stage, Dr. B. was sent for, the other ph3^sician having given up