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iency, taking the impressions made by the felt pads either side the
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pharynx. When hard hollow sounds are employed, a peculiar whistling
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and protects them from the weather. The edges of the flaps are neatly trimmed with red.
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be due to obstructive disease of the heart or lungs. Again, dropsy of
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seemed to be a sequence of a species of meningococcus septicemia,
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been hardened in alcohol, an infinite number of small and perfectly rounded
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indignant denials of the existence of nervous disease in the family, a
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pityriasis does not in any way contra-indicate its employment.
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trated the structures. The peritoneum was colored in a similar manner. Both the perito-
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the carefnl sifting and winnowing that in the end make statistics trust-
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times breaks its teeth and gives it the colic — crib-biters'
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Table I. — The Condition in each sdccessive Year, subsequent to their Discharge, of
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the finger, and should remain exposed to the air until
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the whole.'' Here, then, we think we have a proper defini-
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any marked degree, I advise the operation, because the
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involved in this assertion ; aitparently it is expected that Neo-Darwinians shall
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some change in their protoplasm. Some observers regard these changes as
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uors and in many of the proprietary medicines and artificial foods ;
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only long enough to reach into the windpipe. It is provided
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George W. Dunn, Baltimore Medical College, 1909, New Britain.
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that all the muscles which retain any capacity be kept in exercise by
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incontestably great triumphs of the dominant school. If we
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From thirty to fifty grains are given in this way daily until the charac-
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cated operation into disrepute. I am sure that the vast majority of
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The difficulties which may be encountered by the inexperienced
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ical peculiarities. In this case, however, the foreign
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and draw it outwards, until the posterior wall of the sheath of
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but for the gross ignorance and unskilfulness of his attendant, the wounded
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symptoms of irritation predominate, as pain, stiffness, hyperassthesia, etc.,
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was operated upon 40 hours after their inception. An irre-
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using buried suture, accurate apposition, and careful
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years of age. There was, however, no retraction of the
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professional brethren who are as old and experienced in the profession as
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at first appear. Venereal patients are notorious as
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manner to Dr. Hutchins, whose character had been so handsomely spoken of at the
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of differing. This charge is heavy, but it is easily substantiated ;
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Acute disease of spinal cord, pyelitis, cystitis, and very
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There are many cases that can easily be mistaken for pneumonia, and
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Mag Connelly, CSMS Staff, Dickerman Hollister, Jr., M.D.,
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summer by organizing a street repairing and cleansing so-