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sugars may be made artificially from glycerine. So far this is only

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never experienced before or since. Our attention was called by the chloroformist

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To fox a horse is an operation so simple, that it can

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very large percentage of tumors of the upper and lower jaw are malig-

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or diseased liver, or of a diseased and incompetent heart — a

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lieve, in accord with much that is authoritatively written.

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fully disease conditions is well known, but it is particularly obvious

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with polymorphous nuclei, and many also being free. Chains and clumps

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briskness and activity in passing through them, largely promotive of a vigorous and

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which closely simulate those of traumatic ' shock.' A soldier having

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from the system, wounds which do not unite by the first intention

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During the year 1916 there were no curves taken, but he con-

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/AW/DOT?;?. For the same reason we call it Doterel, as

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Patient recovered well, and is now in the enjoyment of perfect health.

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But standing on the eve of the 20th century and looking back

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cytes), which is usually reversible, moderate transient eosinophilia

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Surgery (Orthopedics). Attending Orthopedic Surgeon,

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maleficent effect. Its power was believed to be such that it could

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it has been most frequently observed Hernia of the uterus is

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science has been slow in developing ; nearly all of its schools

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moval is easy and free from injury to the sub membranous structures.

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ten peppercorns, into a nice tin saucepan, with seven

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2 Experiineiite uud SluJien iiber Geliirudruck. Heidelberg, 1871.

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^^rlion of the laws of the process of absorption, we must con-

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uterus might undergo fatty degeneration and absorption

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given in small doses it becomes a valuable stimulant.