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very boisterous, rainy, and squally; there was, however,
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ment, too, no doubt stimulates the action of the heart by
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and make me forgetful of my lofty aim of doing good to Thy children.
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master in abdominal surgery, the late Dr. J. Marion Sims,
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five years, the laryngeal appearances of a large number of tuber-
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worse and he vomited ; the tongue and palate difficulties were also
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needed. Remember to use only a sterile dipper, if necessary to
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lie in such close apposition to one another that they finally grow
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followed for one day, when, notwithstanding the fact
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statement was ever made. The examinations were unpre-
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the mere theoretical attractiveness of more rapid effects
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killing guinea pigs, and in one they caused only local reaction from which the
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Lady Chapel, built especially for them by Bishop Langton, and
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it falls off sharply until it reaches the low point in the spring. He
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Schools of Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work — together with the University
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^Anemia causes the voice to be raised in pitch, to become
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of absorbent sublimated gauze, each sewed to the center of a sublimated-
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fingers. These appear lengthened compared to the size of the
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March. — Presence of Mind; Sick Head Ache: Health's
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a meeting of the French Association for the advancement of Science, Septem-
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tein the R. Q. is 0.81. Fat contains relatively less oxygen and con-
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whether the parasites in question are spontaneously developed,
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acknowledged. Moreover, the information and dexterity acquired
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At any sale licensed under the Order, the same ' fit person ' appointed
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Light frosts occurred in 1892 on May 13, 20 and 21;
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All patients received antiplatelet therapy— 1,300 mg of
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retary function of the liver. Thus wo may coneeire that Mercury, not
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lipids (50% to 75% of esterified fatty acids), 57 59 where it is
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sesquicarbonate of soda, two ounces ; essence of lemon, a few
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nodes may only exist here as in the case of a patient operated on by
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(Blartha, P.M. 219), new growth of peritoneum originating in ovaries.
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bulbous oval lobe, consisting of a semi-transparent cine-
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great parts of virtue, as the stone had need be rich
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the Northern Central Railroad, sustained an injury to his right
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tends to recall only the salient points in the subject. The section on
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form so to say, the cover of the book, will be found information in full detail on the nature
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years' standing, and where the sinuses were not sus-
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On request of Dr. Anderson, Dr. Hill was appointed to prepare an elaborate
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Kaciborski in doses of from five to ten grains. Lupuliu is often used, in doses
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October 1-3 — Coronary Interventions: 1993. Scnpps Clinic and Research
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ally morphia sulph., gr. 1-2, and left a solution of chloral to be
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pursues the sedentary life consequent upon literary applica-