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and endeavored, as West* suggests, to press out any remaining

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her metabolism was 14 per cent, below normal before any clinical

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assertions of Emmerich and Loew to fail in the significance

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The Chairman stated that Secretaries will be selected when it

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Enlarged lymph-nodes always exist in the retro-rectal tissue, some-

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told my patient to try simaruba. He consented. The friend

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threads, Lembert's sutures should be used in the interspaces

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(/) Prohibit Absolutely the Pasturage of Cattle on Un-

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and the " drummer" to do his prescribing. His cures are the

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nections of the tumor. I have used chian turpentine

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time five drops t. i. d. were taken and the temperature

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Anesthesiology (chairman). Anesthesiologist-in-Chief,

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H. OFPEnBnic: "Diseases of the Nerrons System," Sixth Edition, p. ISIO.

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influence, and thus that cretinism is associated with an enormous brouchocele

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should be done easily and gently, because the longer a contracting muscle

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G. ChuicluU Croy, M. D., Director Bacteriological Department

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modify the action of the vagus, atropin was given hypodermically. A

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The surroundings were carefully protected with sterilized hot

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of this may be found in the anatomical relations of the uterus. A

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mencement of the disease, and taking the place of the rigor in the

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soldier's transfer to post duty, it being the aim of the department to

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motoric dilatation and glandular hypersecretion ; after this nervous

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