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tein. With the ordinary diet it is usually between 12 and 20 grams a
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siderable period of time, in one case, for instance, over six months ;
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For further particulars and circulars, address the Dean,
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the scratching produced at times a considerable amount of con-
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“Vitamin B-12 in the Treatment of Pernicious Anemia”
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the skin are sympathetic, that is with other organs of the body, and do
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Frank M. Hall, M. D., Hartford, N. Y. Died February 26, 1893.
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favorite drugs, spirit of Mindererus, etc., substances reputed to
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weeks, where otherwise, if they healed at all, months
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near the joints, the limb must be well rotated outwards and
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found in one experiment that 10-12 c.c. of a saturated solution
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possibility. If we inquire now how these bacteria g(jt into the
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values were high, and the absence of digestive hyperlipemia seemed
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exhaustion. To such modifications the term pernicious may be given.
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by stalls, which appears to be a preferable system to boxes,
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was copious and free ; and his system acted readily under nauseants and
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18,610, an aggregate detention per patient ol3 24.78 day, the average
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yet of posterior column disease, anyhow Lissauer's tract is not affected
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ized lesions appeared elsewhere just at this time (58 days after inoculation). The
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chloral, and bromide of potassium had little or no effect in pro-
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one has had its vicissitudes ; it has in the last few
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it is well to remember. These muscles proceed from the
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peritoneum all around the edges of our incision into
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have previously been under my care ("Uric Acid,"^ p. 218,
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have, with very general unanimity, fixed upon as the
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responds to the child-bearing period and a few years succeeding
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five to fifteen years of age was found to be greater than that of
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social worker, physical therapist, and occupational therapist treating the specific