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of buchu, and in the twenty-four hours or every twelve
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July 1892, by B. C. Buffum ; Centennial Hills, June 9, 1895
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Inhalations are of value when the irritation proceeds from the larynx,
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'American Public Health Assn. 1915. Standard Methods.
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relation to vesical tumours he mentions various difficulties which
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Though this disease manifests itself generally by intermittent and
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I have no data obtained from my own observation of cuprol
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in chlorosis. Since the minute volume of the heart is also increased
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with very severe pain and marked constitutional dis-
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cules of the brain tissue, ought to stand alone as the cauM' of
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rition ceased, and all sense of discomfort disappeared. The
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complished in the study of variations of the tubercle ba-
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If this extract be applied twice without any admixture, by
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quantity may be taken, and is in fact required, than at the commencement of
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Unilaterally anterior lesions, if maintained by points
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The yellow-fever mosquito is essentially a domestic or house
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day the adhesions are so firm that they cannot be sepa-
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by the patient." So far, very well. But the rule further pro-
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time without the knife, and has since married, and thanks to this
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liquid and pass enough cold water through the strainer to make the
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report, and consequently the result of the operation is not yet deter-
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the intestinal mucous membrane, these cylindrical cells
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From my experience in such cases, I would put my faith in chloroform,
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dry cyst, such as these, would produce mischief in its bursting,