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Recumbency is to be avoided after meals, and no brain-work under-
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conferring immunity to the tissues and their juices by virtue of which they
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water from them. The key, then, to this side of the etiology of cholera
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stimulation for purposes of development. Every brain has its natural
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are many cases of children in which weak and damaged muscles remain
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during the initial stage, but at an early period in the fastigium, and
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9. Climatic conditions appear to me to have some influence in this
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Insolation generally takes place in the hottest months of the year.
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in possession of all our readers, we make the extracts referced to. They
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neutralise one another so as to form a harmless stable compound, enter
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exclusion between one place and another. Much more credit is due to the radical measures
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incapable of bearing the strain imposed, for the demand for our public
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doubt, to absorption from the tubes and tissues of secondary poisons of
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very sensitive to the toxin itself. But if we persevere it will in time become
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though its reappearance may be delayed for many hours; it is at first
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1st. " What are the anatomical characters of Typhous Fever, and what is the best mode of treating
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received a good deal of attention, and from time to time favourable re-
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adhesion takes place in about an hour. This result, which would other-
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nesses of blotting paper wet with 10 per cent cocaine solution and
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growth of connective tissue and fat is afforded by Duchenne's paralysis,
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and varicose ulcers on different parts of the corresponding extremity.
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inution of the quantity of blood ; the alteration in the quality as shown
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efficacy of medicine almost entirely : he even threw doubt on the use of
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no exaggerated statement ; the history of obstetrics is full of accounts
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proved to be typhoid fever ; and who can wonder that the diagnosis is
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The search for the earliest signs of new capillaries is a matter of
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shelter from northerly winds ; (2) Radiation from the mountains during
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beset with difiiculties, for the inflammatory manifestation varies, not
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probably even more transitory than that of' ammonia; though, owing to
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There is less sunshine and sun heat ; the difference betAveen sun and
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might be taken to signify disease due to infection by the bacillus