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but the majority of the authors, Forel, Koelliker, Van Gehuchten,

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much more protection is off'ered by the occurrence of variola than b}^ vac-

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countries. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of

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pounds of blood, twelve hundred leeches had been applied, and

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the limbs of dogs, by forcibly tightening around them a circular ligature of

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duty in the fever wards, 2 while taking care of a fellow-member of the

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regarded as the consequence of variable impregnation and

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inferior coUiculus (corpora quadrigemina), and the degenerated

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drawing it down nearer the source of illumination, while the rod

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symptoms are those of acute albuminuria, or, after Johnson, acute des-

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plexion, are symptoms often attributed to hepatic congestion. It is by

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incident to various acute diseases. But the hydrophobic phenomena are es-

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descriptions of his experiments, the writer has summarized his

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Hr. West. For years we have held his opinion as 1 Boston Med. and Surg. Journal.

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view, with our present knowledge, the importance of the functional affec-

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hiin<l-:ome octavo volume of over llOOpnges: cloth, %h oO ; leather, $(i 50. (Just Ready)

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ence of bruit de soufflet in the enlarged arteries of the uterus.

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of Medicine, March, 1852. Prof. Smith, in this article, gives a summary of facts

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taken place. The only liability to error has been already referred to,

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produced at pleasure in any large arterial trunk, as the carotid

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explanation of the motor defects found in subnormal individuals.

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three days. In one case intermittent fever and pleuritis preceded the

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number of the Purkinje cells, leaving, however, the basket of fibers

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ness and vigor to the entire book. But his discussions

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tion of the details; the distribution of the genera in the cruci-

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