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not very steep, but slope gradually inwards. The tissue

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Most textbooks of obstetrics give as the indication for therapeutic

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window-sill, for which his mother had punished him. Entering

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instead of the head ; and elects to cover herself entirely with the bed-clothes

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dures to stage non-smalkell lung cancer and in curative surgical operations for

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tion of the adrenals, and the adjacent structures may be found matted together

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inch below the free border of the ribs in the right

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rations on another. Gastro-intestinal irritation will, for instance,

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is being used still as a very energetic germicide externally in the

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complaining of pain in the abdomen. The skin of the abdomen, as well

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been mentioned. Periostitis, followed by necrosis, of the tibia,

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distincticm was made between the anaemic and marasmic

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SYNOPSIS OF PEDIA1 RICS. John Zahorsky, A.B., M.D.,

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" Sixth: The Medical Board will assign the service to its several members,

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temperature and is notoriously fatal. A '' typhoid condition "

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Dr. Edwfird Duffey, of Albany, at the request of the

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was also thereby corrected. The foot was retained for five weeks

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in Sir W. Fergusson's conclusion (at least so far as to admit

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origin of the septic procesess, we still are compelled to rely

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is apt to do so, or, detached by its increased weight, may become mi-

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plete general paralysis with the exception of the tongue, as the result of

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of position in the right hand and arm was oi paralysis (?) In October, 1911, patient

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