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The homoeopathy of Hahnemann is not so far in the past
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toms following preseasonal treatment with apple pollen extract.
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nates human erythrocytes, spot test using 0.5 percent
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the failure to obtain agglutination of any of the three organisms
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destructive uterine and pelvic inflammation. My preference for
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low multiples of the lethal dose, is proportional to the amount of serum injected.
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been raised to an axiom that, provided we find the right remedy,
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0.5 ml hemolysin (1:4,000) +0.5 ml Kolmer saline solution = 1:8,000
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population of an area and to record fluctuations in
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the key it should prove to be an arachnid, it is necessary only to
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2 1 7. Sulfonamides in Blood by Method of Bratton and Marshall
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Precisely similar symptoms mark the action of the drug in
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are nucleated cells in this position. It has been claimed that
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part to two for young children, two parts to one in chloroform water in
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symptoms no less grave ; the patient continued to live, but was
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the circumstances of asthma is, after all, of even greater impor-
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degree of block and changes in the QRS complex during that
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caria, pityriasis rubra, herpes zoster, pemphigus " arthriticus" ; b. dry arthri-
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who declared the foetus to be "only a higher species of intestinal
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gets aggravations. Shades of night ! Can the ghost of Hahne-
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plained of headache and nausea, and felt utterly miserable. He went
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irregular or exclusive system." The members of the society
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ment of the practitioner, yield to the demands of humanity.
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into the volumetric flask with distilled water, make to
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" Is chronic inflammation an inflammation at all ? " Inflammation
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Hahnemann it mattered little whether a thing commended itself
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has been employed with success, and its external application in the form of
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plicated case are by no means characteristic. The affected skin feels
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solution. Dilute to 10 ml with water, mix thoroughly, and
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before as floating kidney. This tumor proved to be all that was
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This is liable to occur wherever there is dead or injured tissue
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paired, and the digestive organs were regaining their powers very
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In adults there is a well recognized group of chronic, func-
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The counting of the radial pulse also throws some light on
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matters worse. A fibrosis may therefore result from a single acute inflammation,
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mation may not set in ; or if the intensity is too great, necrosis may be the
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in Massachusetts at this day, so far as that child's property rights
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but occasionally has shown slight elevation in the afternoon,
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typical fluid of tuberculous fluid with a large amount of albumin
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bolic chemistry of normal or diseased man or animal, is now undoubted,
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than enough of the concentrated NaOH solution to make
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Elements of Histology. By E. Klein, M. D., of London.