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would consultation with a homceopathist have been regarded as

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upon some abnormal lack of resistance of the red blood corpuscles toward

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abscesses, sometimes enormous, are of a decidedly inflam-

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he established, in conjunction with Professor Gross, who

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persistently fed on yellow-streaked biscuits and mince-pie, and

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in White Street, New York City. The son of William Shaffer, Jr.,

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bridge County, Va., November ii, 1771, a male child was

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After the strip of tissue is removed, any portion of undenuded

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Dr. Peck of Providence, R.I., the question for discussion being

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insignificant degree of pain, and gives rise to no disagreeable

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amounted to little or nothing. There is no doubt that the list

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they are almost always characterized by an extraordinarily high temperature,

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considering tt improper to address men on the street. Dr.

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publicity given in its Bulletin to such teaching and its applica-

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toes are not so dark. The left limb can now be made very

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tion of the proper surgical treatment. Immediate com-

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so far as possible, the semi-recumbent position, or at least

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last year, — yet a large number, about one hundred and seventy-

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2 Special Report of the Homoeopathic Yellow-Fever Commission, ordered by the American

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In 18S0 his son. Dr. Harry Marion Sims, returned from

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College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, in 1890, graduating

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The following resolutions were offered by him, and unani-

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into the composition of the vertebrae will explain the greater ten-

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it is confined to one of the abdominal divisions or to one

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effects of such drugs as belladonna or its alkaloid atropia, nux

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the editor of The New England Journal of Education ; the

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the report of the Committee on Gynecology, they having been

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the silicea and Symphytum, and insisted upon his lying quietly

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cervico-occipital neuralgia seemed to grow worse, if that were

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igan Society of New York; president of the University of Michigan

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ment decidedly shortens the course of the disease as a whole, in many in-

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circumstances of the individual, as well as by the presence of

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ble contributors — that is, of practising homoeopathic physicians

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powerful argumentative plea, testifying as it does to the ability

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