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Sleeping Sickness) . The diseases produced by these two trypano-
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a. Lice may be forwarded to specialists for identification by
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tive serum test. If the serum gives a positive reaction on
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hemolysin by 5 percent phenol. This solution keeps well
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findings. The parotid and submaxillary glands are subject to
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because we were finding sugar not infrequently in the urine o
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the calculation, would be 0.01428, instead of 0.01414 N.
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Continuing to ponder the matter, he finally conceived, and subse-
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especially if of the nature of enzymes, may by their action lead to the
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sometimes burst or slough ; most painful swelling of the hands and feet ;
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The object of this book is well expressed in its title, and its
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4. Colonies tannish-yellow to orange; heaped up irregu-
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that disease. This strain is a nonmotile 0 variant, designated
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totality of symptoms are exactly to the point, as well as the
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a day; no alcohol. She had always worked hard physically,
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lesions apparently cUnically cured may suddenly and quite
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M. B., Assistant to the Professor of Midwifery, University of
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b. Oriental Blood Fluke (Schistosoma Japonicum) (Q, fig.
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toneum. The hemorrhage was checked by tortion of the vessels
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blood-pressure was 170 mm. Hg. A urine examination failed
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the only colonies which develop in the tubes are those of the diphtheria
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Abdominal Cavity. — Liver enlarged to about twice its normal
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more closely, the bladder seemed to be moderately distended,
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Romanowsky stains, preferably Giemsa's modification, for their