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Such being the case, the question of priority in the
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siderable proportion of cases the affection returns sooner or later. In a case
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in sewage. J. San, Inst., Lond., 1899-1900, xx, 664-069.
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Medical Association of Bennington, Rensselaer, and Wash-
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N. C. • Second Row: Thomas B. Greer, Trenton, N. J.; Theodore V. Hairfield, Lenoir!
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Professor of Surgery and Gynecology, formerly Professor of Histology
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danger of pya?mia or peritonitis need now no longer be
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of apparent death. The child, which was well-formed, was speedily resusci-
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ent upon bacterial activity, although opinions are not
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In the third tracing, on September 27, or three days after
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the posterior superior spinous process. Although I would not presume to
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Saliva was studied by Fano and Bottazzi.*® Maxillary saliva,
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