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pecially if exposed to the sun while drying. However,

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inherited organization of the participating cells, there are observations

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V. is on Coelio-hysterotomy, better known under the classic name of

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sputum more frequentlv in tuberculin treated cases.

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the stigma of pauperism formerly attaching to these institutions, with the

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in 50 per cent, of the cases of typhoid fever, and a probable diagnosis

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Treatment of Detachment of the Retina.— Casey A. Wood (Chicago)

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with no marked valve lesions. Her pulse was rapid and

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The same writer reports the accidental discovery of a similar kind of tumor

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bitions and consequent indifference and loss of in-

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enschrift, 1896, Xo. 52) calls attention to the absence of the pupil-reflex in

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time he was still jaundiced, although some bile was

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recourse whatsoever to doctor or medicine. Here it seems

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behind. Later a pleurisy with eft'usion appeared on that

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vulcanite base. The porosity of the material is de-

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Berry, Harry R., Lieutenant, Medical Corps. Designated

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cavity every precaution should be taken not to disturb the peritoneum be-

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In both cases the fibrosarcoma originated from the sheath of the acoustic

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a new vagina in a ease of infantile uterus and absent vagina by taking

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uterus and infect it during development of the ovum.

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abscess of months' duration, there was found, at a later operation per-

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virulence is such that one-fifth of a milligramme of a fresh agar-culture

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the fourth day after treatment began. The uterus emptied itself, however,