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of calcic oxalate. The calculi of uric acid, calcic oxalate, and phos-
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It has been feared that the ultimate result of operations was un-
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*"The white precipitate of chloride of silver indicates any of these
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restored to health and which was believed to have been formed by
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malignant. A considerable enlargement of the spleen and cutaneous
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likely even to touch the stone ; the other (Fig. 2) shows the blades
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ETIOLOGY. Paralysis agitans rarely occurs in persons under forty
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eruption ; often, however, the constitutional disturbances do not subside
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suspicion of a complicating gangrene or suppuration.
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hold at command the concentrated vigor of eight thousand men 1"
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without causing unnecessary irritation, and must in her person be, as far
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to Pacanowsky, the normal upper border of the stomach is near the fifth
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irritants, but when the removal of the irritant demands a surgical opera-
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scribed, the patient should be made comfortable, the strength supported,
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phyllum 5 dose, from five to ten drops after meals, according to the effect
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occurs in paroxysms with intervals of freedom from symptoms of diges-
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dragogue diuretics or diaphoretics should be exhibited. The disease or
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old enough and intelligent enough for it to be used without causing
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large enough to obstruct the trunk of the pulmonary artery there are
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hours in divided doses. As the potassium citrate is converted in the
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cut into a great aneurism in the pelvis and apply ligatures to the main
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better to compare the affected part with the opposite side of the body :
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the surface of the body be allowed ; a heavy, well-fitting woollen or silk
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found, having escaped from the blood-vessels. Necrotic patches infiltrated
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children, the mucous membrane becomes atrophied and the cryptic glands
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manded : to accomplish anything, however, they must be employed very
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between tortuous arteries and those altered in consequence of arterio-
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Should he in the interval have had, or seen, one or more successful
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bacillus coli comniunis, the bacillus proteus, the bacillus typhi abdomi-
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change for two or even more years, and it is affirmed may be recovered
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the right side may be affected. The mitral valve is oftenest diseased,
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is conspicuous while hemorrhage from the ulcer is taking place. The
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is produced, until the reservoir is exhausted. Thus all the difficulties
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or both legs, also of tenderness along the course of the femoral vein, and
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age is of more importance, as the disease is comparatively rare under fif-