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In 1822 hepuhlislied "An Essay on Indigestion, or morbid Sen-
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shows that the large intestine is involved. The invaginated portion may
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it is about time for the tooth to come through lance the gums
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movement of curvature is observed, the concavity being on the
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women. They were seven months advanced, and although the tumours formed
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by polypoid masses of growth. The membrana tympani, as far as could be
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contagious Epidemia B(.um, of bosh climates, was precisely the
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particulars of the case above mentioned, and of one
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any clinical history which is properly their own. It must be
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Physician to St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; Member of the
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either from wounds or spontaneously, local measures to arrest the flow^ of
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reported that he had remained entirely free from pain
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Felida? and L rsidse, for examples, in the first place offer too few
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looked upon as entertaining, that it is impossible for me to treat
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nomonically consists in a defect of potass in the system. Tuberculosis
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and not on scientifically demonstrated tacts. In the Paris
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bers of a fiunily will often pass through life without any manifestation
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weeks ago, with large stones in both kidneys, and both kidneys in-
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less than the utterest exhaustion from excess may suffice
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that of sight, but if it became absolutely necessary to see any
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The sanitary condition of our buildings is good. The buildings are
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Diagnosis. — This is assured hy the etiologic influences and the presence
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and the cyst opened by Paquelin*8 cautery. The cyst-wall was of considerable thicknegs
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comprehension rather than to any error as to the facts. It be-
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participated in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia during
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edge of this disease vague stories told by a mother of
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In the purpuric form the pyrexia! state is well marked, with
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cells. Sometimes patches of increase of interstitial tissue are to be seen
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This wind, as a rule, is dry, and has a very deleterious effect on
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alkalinity of the smoke must necessarily neutralize any acid
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While the disease is essentially a disease of adult
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limited to these regions the power of thinking may not be very greatly
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Meyer {Inaug.-Diss., Ziirich, 1902) reports a case of fatal
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