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reach, and is carried almost to the very doors of all

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bead in flat pelvis, in none of which he had met with

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Christian scientist, seeks and finds his richest prey.


My mode of performing the operalion varies very little from that of the usual

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selves that their germ origin may possibly be proved.

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the intestinal mucous membrane, and (2) inflammatory enlargement and sub-

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The physician, to be true to himself, must have faith in the

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director in specifying what went wrong and in fashioning an appropriate remedy. Follow-up

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pulse normal, respirations normal, and temperature ioi° F.

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to the country. He was at that time a footman in a gentleman's family,

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ralgia, and friction or pressure over this point, with

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which reddens the skin surrounding the scar leaving

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price 7s. 6d. net) Dr. S. W. Daw gives a general account of the

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generally suffice to heal an ulcer of moderate size.

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Since his recovery, he has been attending an evening school, and asserts that

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' F. P. Weber, " A Note on Congenital Syphilitic 'Osteitis Deformans,'" I3ril. Joum.

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eral husbands, and attained no very permanent foothold, although there are

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quantity in the blood of an animal, it cannot be healthy —

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from those who have not been educated in politics. But Mr.

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may be swollen and indurated. All the syphilitic affections of the

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has been generally accepted among us, forgetting the

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alone interested in its effect upon the brain, I will speak of

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little influence. The blood is poured out first and

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proved in writing by one or more members of the Council from the dis-

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of a walnut, a few sprigs of fresh, green parsley or some sweet ger-

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of the many they describe. The part of the article that

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dent, might not abortion be juftly feared, as well as

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Considering Low blindly people come together in marriage, it is

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haemorrhage than from infection, although in his cases

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(2) Some are congenital, and have symptoms that are not referable to

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Hood Coagulation and Its Alterations in Hemorrhagic and