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and died on the 26th of July in that year, in the fifty-third year of

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Speakers on Speakers for October, 1976 on the Tuesday radio program (11:05 a.m., WDEL)

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parent, it will be requisite to change her position, and

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i( Dilatation of the Air Cells. — Emphysema of the Lung

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of resistance, and as regards their structure, as has been said, they

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spectre of Necessity driving them into the hardship of daily

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absorbed in successive minute doses during its entire passage through the

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" While engaged in these examinations, a specimen of urine was brought by

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Adults, as is well known, are not to be excepted. In the ease

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and membranous inflammation, to the surface and extremities of the body. If excitement it

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at once resulted a large double inguinal hernia. Patient states that he never

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retracts by virtue of its elastidty. A retraction of the lung, such as

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were all obtained with 15-oz. pressure, applied for 6 half seconds.

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mentation bar

the further extension of the plague, and Orders in Council

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cocci, but the cultures from heart's blood were negative.

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Treatment. — During the first three years carbolic

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was a strong one — in fact the patient had been told that he

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repeated after a few weeks. The evening is the best time

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The success of Fellows Syrup of Hydophosphates has tempted certain persons

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abandon tlie positive benefits of chloroform tor • the

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legislation from the next sitting of the leg- Speaker of the South Carolina House of

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Histories furnished by the general profession are often ex-

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at the Maternity Hospital, used it in each case of labor

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part of the morbid conditions of the solid .structures. The most rational

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serology, roentgenology, and the general routine of clinical mi-

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completing intravenous ceftriaxone therapy for meningo-

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by him. The commission could not report a single cure, but it

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*' Holocaine is therefore a most valuable agent for the produc-