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ending December 29, 1895, there were one hundred and thirteen under ten

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encroaching upon the visual word-centre) has shown surprisingly different

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distended with dilated coils of intestine, and the diagnosis of a

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infective. It is quite clear then that much greater contamination

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high-school course, and, in addition, (6) three years of work in a recognized col-

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does not rise within three or four days, one may cease to fear infec-

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neuro-muscular weakness, whilst more or less general, is

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imbecility, will in future be traced back to those tiny tubes

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not yet reached, and never will reach the limit of perfection in im-

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smaller twigs being given oflF almost at right angles (Figs. 1

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the protrusion of the eyeballs, the enlargement of the thyroid,

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Medicinal Topics, Dressing Room, Specimens, Emergencies and General

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mittee on legislation, two to be elected annually — H. E. Monroe, M.D.,

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becomes encysted. In this condition the larvae are swallowed by the

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observation or treatment at the present time. Twenty-two of the

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The service, however, should be limited to serious cases, defined in

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from the one primarily affected ! This they effect by

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tion, and had been removed. Mr Cathcart drew attention to the

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horse. Food from diseased animals should be strictly for'bidden.

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It is possible in a short paper only to indicate the

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Cooper, William S., 81 3d St., Troy, Rensselaer Co. Founder.

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Pp. xiv -f 152. London : Bailliere, Tindall, and Cox.

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Major, Minor, by Infiltration and Nerve Blocking, with perfect

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denburg : and it is comforting to knowof the thorough prepa-

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The only measure which seems to relieve the vast majority, if it can be

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of the bowel. Sudden collapse in the course of typhoid fever is

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develop in about 10% of patients with ophthalmopathy.

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usually spread in various directions as the phthisis advances.

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egg you crack open has a spring chicken in it, but you expect-

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he therapeutic efficiency of the thyroid, but there are many reasons

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simile of the energy of the Falls with all its relations and propor-

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all probability the bovine contagious pleuro-pneumonia. Such an

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8CUIEFFEL1N BBOl^UEBS & CO., William, cor. BeekmanSt, N. Y.

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comparable with that pursued in dealing with the naturally acquired

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most nutritious diet. The occasional use of stimulants will also

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dealing with this domestic question (for such it seems to

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Lieutenant G. A. Gray, Medical Corps, United States Navy.

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Pathology. The symptoms, together with the absence of any

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9. Dural defects should be closed by pieces of fascia or

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(Figure 2). 76 Although MRI provides better soft tissue detail

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out inwards. The same argument applies to erysipelas,

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According to statistics prepared from 2081 cases occurring in India

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of the skin, it produces first some heat and tingling, which is

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lioma or epithelial cancer affecting the front of the leg and tibia, the names

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The discussion that followed was confined to " high tempera-

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always cured by a change of pasturage, particularly into a sa't