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Tumors in the posterior mediastinum may be mistaken for an
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out that the cases are more common than has been generally supposed, but
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necrosis, and due entirely to retention of secretions
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a good one. We, fortunately, have in Cuyahoga County one of the best
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Such an appliance is a fine thing, either in health or illness. It is
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necessity of instructing and dealing with the individual mother
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the case carefully for several days, I decided to re-
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carbolic acid and iodoform, as it is not only antiseptic and anodyne but tonic and
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'■ Since admission, the paralytic symptoms in the right arm
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parturition, (premature or at full term,) or in connection with men-
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shortened by the administration of ether. I at once gave her a
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carbonate; at others, greyish green. The mineral can be purified
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and ne swallowed some of the medicine; which had such
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FaQOon» Dr., on intestinal obstruction due to internal or intra-abdominal hernia.... 65
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portant bearing the study of weather-phenomena should exercise
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the narrow foramen magnum. The orifice of this foramen is blocked by
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alteration in the bacterial cell upon w*hich agglutination depends. By heating
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above the clamp (Fig. 42). This is known as partial heart-block, and
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