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tance, so far as frequency is concerned, to infection through the
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which properly excite the utmost alarm and demand all the resources of
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ing. Practically no effect whatever was observed in the cases of
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congruous to call an article with which the people of this country have
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better financial footing. Most of the patients are treated
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"the same intensity of headache and suffusion and muddiness
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the calculus into the bladder, and rectal massage has also been advised
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worst cases of all — that is, of double hai> -lip -'all
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Melt the Resin and the Beeswax in the oils by the heat from a
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together, they completely occluded the urethra. They were
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Nagana or Tsetse-fly Disease. — As the writer of this article had the
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being of fairly normal appearance by the time they reach adult
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toward the boundary in location, that stain lightly and are granular
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part of which I have f oi^otten because I was so forcibly
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tic). [Gr. iriw pus -f- ^A<ia<Teiv to guard.] The
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thirteen weeks, and about twelve weeks respectively, and, more doubtfully,
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pox. She was married at fourteen years and a half, though her
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vasion and multiplication. Most of the infective forms
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the attempt at phonation it advanced but feebly to meet its.
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bowels coflive, and at times much pained. Refpiration was fo
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violent disintegration and rushing to an- from it. Thus impelled she was very
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back in 1862, of Dr. Bence Jones, who had shown that the action of
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it is a scientific proceeding to inculcate the principles of Surgery
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Symptoms. — Secondary syphilis of the larynx gives rise to hoarseness
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disease, or it may occur without lesions of the valves in consequence of
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> The data regarding the rate of this tremor are :
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Ducrey's bacillus or an ulceration at first due to the ordinary micro-organisms
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body, it most grows either hot or cold. Whether or not, it be proper to make this discharge
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saic. If any regular licensed physician in the State
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S} T stem — the so-called physiological classification. There are
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Bibliography (15 minutes) — Charles D. Aaron^ Detroit, MicK.
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Affections of the eye and ear, involving loss or impairment of sight and
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consideration of epidemics of cholera in the African continent.
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with the Health Department, and in that connection we
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cutaneous inflammation ; it is always limited to the
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these scattered papules, new crops continue to appear, more
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base, and about seven-eighths of an inch in thickness. In the morbid
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that a product which will affect either the germ itself, or that an
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rigidity, (4) spastic diplegia (bilateral hemiplegia with rigidity), (5) general
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months, and in Crookshank's " Manual of Bacteriology "
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there are frequent exceptions to this, as in the late great epi ■
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Open Knowledge Commons and Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
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possess a predisposing effect, the disease being more common in males, and
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has done well. Dr. W. stated that the case was interesting, as being the first