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suggested the use of the clamp and cautery as a means of destroy-
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cases in which the disease does not appear to be extensive. The ethmoidal
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Physician to the Jefferson Medical College Hospital and to the Philadelphia Hospital.
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on the whole the same as those of septicaemia, and may be
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17"65 per cent, of the cases treated in hospitals. In Sendia
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much pain. The nitrate of silver solution could be neu-
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meet some other symptomatic indication. In none could the treatment be
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fibrous tissue and walls of the bloodvessels, with the subsequent
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the streets. He is of opinion that it is high time that it should be made
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ent, for it is by the manifestations alone that we can become
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visual field, and excavation of the optic disk, arc
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crystal should be ground to a point on a fine stone.
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and the aggregate of which, I trust, I may be enabled to apply with
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The necessary strength of the percussion stroke naturally depends not
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original with Professor Koch, is based on certain researches
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is liable especially to be overlooked in young children, even when it is not
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(Fig. Ill), the auricular pressure falls and the curve descends rapidly to x. This
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characteristic lines serve for the identification of given sub-
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loss of substance or otherwise, gunshot injuries, and other forms of
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upon that he must needs see Potter, and he left Buffalo feeling that he
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tion; however, the suppuration occurred before any operation had
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of the nervous temperament. This state of sleeplessness
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moted and intensified by warm weather and stimulating food,
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Cholera. — Sydenham has given of this disease — commonly called
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[Abstr.]: Ber. ii. d. Verhandl. d. deutscb. Gesellsch. f.
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temperature of the body, intended to be used by inunction.