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upon as being due to enlargement of the thymus gland.
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dissolved, and thus it is not possible to obtain precise quantitative
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She had previously had one or two fits. These recurred occasionally
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The best effect of this remedy in pneumonia, like bleeding, is exerted in the first
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High fat and sugar feeding resulted in diarrhea, but
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osteomyelitis. Professor Senn avers to have repeat-
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ones, and pursue the same course ; so that generally you may see
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pox, it is best to be exposed early. While it is still techni-
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for their age. The standard mark has been assigned to no less
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slightly mottled with vascular patches. On section the cortical substance was
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mixture is boiled over a micro-burner for exactly two minutes, one
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to recovery. He gives ergot in the form of fluid extract (Squibb's), one
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Left lung. — Upper lobe, divided into eight pieces, two floated, and
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ness, dilatation of the pupils ; on awaking, sensation of dul-
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opinion, the mitigation of the symptoms as they occurred simul-
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ward in each block has been converted into an "open-air" sanatorium for
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in the charaifter of an accompliflied phyfician, was his in a re-
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lengthening of the course to four years is to go into effect in
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seen my own patients regret with tears their tendency to
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48 Laryngeal Habit Spasm with Report of a Case. Luther C.
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as a marker. The non-neurophysiologic elements of the
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of the contents of the bowel into the peritoneal cavity, lead
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witii the following history: On the 20th of INIarch of
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time before the fatal seizure. The early symptoms are often so trivial
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site, that parasite is refractory to the ordinary staining,
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which differ from the parent stock ; and so the process
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iobe was crowded into a small firm mass which contained,
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probable that they become still shorter until they become
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show at first little modification from the ordinary blood-try-
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from the rear part of the room toward the fire will in a few hours
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during the course of a tracheotomy performed as a preliminary
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work of others. The standard methods for water analysis have been
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The operation of clitoridectomj-, as performed under the
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some of these cases death occurred ; in others recovery
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of a single epidemic of typhoid fever, of scarlet fever,
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tables possessed. We were very unsophisticated in those days,
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continent, it remains unfinished, it is written also,
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unaffected and the lips were also free. There was no eruption on any
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would not exist, if the earth's axis were -perpendicu-
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transportation better than the operated is to be found in th©
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believe that from this place it made its way to the Lower Volga, where it