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in girls. Feebleness of constitution, and the injurious system of forcing
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capillaries during a chill, from prolonged mental labor, intense emotion,
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The blood extracted from the carotid 15 minutes after the injec-
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were due to infection. The observed curve has, as always, a tendency to regain
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again with eggy and apply as paste or on cloth. — Med,
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The Effect of the Injection of Bacterial Toxin (Fowl Typhoid). Rabbit 14.
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The adrenalin solution was itself assayed. The corrected concentration is what
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II. The motor symjjtoms of hysteria are very varied. Globus hysteri-
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The suspension here employed was agglutinated more readily than
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monary tuberculosis. Caries of the sixth dorsal and the fourth lumbar vertebrae.
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Medical Reporter, for July, 1848. This was a case of twins ; one
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at the very commencement of the attack. Two applications were
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the first to state outright, in unequivocal and clear
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how well founded are all his hopes and fears with respect to adhe-
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film ; pupils greatly, but not unusually dilated, contracting slightly
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the various rooms of the University, not far from the
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conditions in nature, we have been misled to believe that the types
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ing, then two ounces more, and an additional ounce in the course
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5. The influence upon the symptoms and the progress of the disease.
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patic secretion is then indicated ; at other times they are of dark clay
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the virtues of theCorrassa Compound," and also made
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Oct* 6ih. When I called this momfiq^^ I learned that the patient
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matter floating in a thin whitish looking frothy fluid ; utters occa-
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Morbid Anatomy. — In acute alcoholismus the mucous membrane of the
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Dr. Richard Chapman^ is disposed to believe, from his experience»
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Guersant has usually found these polypi to consist of a mucous sheath
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which hoarseness exists. Coughing also is more harmful in this con-
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eight hours. Uneasiness and restlessness, a vague feeling of malaise, or
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Etiology. — The scrofulous diathesis is very largely an inherited condition
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newly introduced can or cannot cause pathological injury.
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on the clearing away of the fog there were light tufted clouds and
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business, compelling them to advise the use of various remedies,
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scurvy have already been given. The fact that there is no itching, no