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it is acquired and secondary to such and such a cause of incomplete
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I was given -^^ of a grain of strychnine four times
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twenty-six days feeding for the pigs that survived:
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We were at the time opposite a great promontory which seemed
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constitutional diseases ; a belief wliicli will not be proved
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10. The Quarterly Journal of Public Health and Record of Medi
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became imperceptible, and she was thought to be dy-
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flow. In fact, sodium loss is directly proportional to the
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the following resolution was moved by Dr. R S. Thornton,
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In the latter case no ataxia has so far developed in the issue of the
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duced by sight. The first step should be to evacuate completely
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tion of prominent people are not suffering from economic con-
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stated at first, that from such a wound death must have been instantaneous.
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tain that tiie parks themselves are to be secured to us,
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acute purpura. He had found turpentine and acetate of lead of great value.
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an interval of seven hours was necessary for intramuscular
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our ignorance and insensitivity, violating the First Amend-
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of comparison, to which attention was not directed in making the examinations.
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Brandy. Vinum Xericum, Sherry Wine. Vinum Portense, Port
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is something of an innovation on the older practises.
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lungs in its passage into the arterial circulation, to impede
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are to be avoided. And the home physician must caution his patient,
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to the confusion which existed respecting the nature of this
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know the actual lesions, but not their mode of incep-
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In lateral curvature of the spine, it is said that there is
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