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ago. She underwent an operation at the Liverpool Southern
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found to have secondary degeneration of a band of fibres in the right half of the
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inflammation along the course of optic filaments^ what disease
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there was in the Central Trust Co., of New York, $2,550.32 to the credit
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2. Miura, K.: Ueber die Veriinderungen der Knochen an den Hiinden luid
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the tumour after death: it measured 27 inches in circumference at
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crease in strength we have found that about 75 per cent, of it extends
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IN the new world, such a deviation occurs in diseases
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of disease germs, the second, of their real nature, and the third, of
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was more certain when the quantity of spermatozoa supplied to the ovum was
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the Lower Extremities owing to Obstruction of the Aorta by a Clot ; "
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the patient showed signs of ptyalisra, the mercury was discontinued, and
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The importance of co-operation has been very clearly
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the various relations of his varied and busy life, are set
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the brothers and sister of my patiuat are very spare in their habit of body.
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imperial dominion ended with the capture of the city in 4^2, and
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disappeared ; and her general health was completely re-
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anaemia ; if it does also produce anaemia, there is no need of further proof that
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guous or in want of blood, the tissues are absorbed