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with hyperaemia and exfoliation, which may be calied dermatitis ex-
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filled the fourth ventricle.* Another, in which the pons and fourth
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ephrine HCI, 15 mg , phenylpropanolamine HCI. 15 mg
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strength, and its strength modified by its compressibility, and its
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servations contained in several of those dissertations, show that
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improvement of patient's condition not resulting from the injection.
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great deal better treated by resection than by aspiration,
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The removal of an adult worm from the enlarged inguinal lymph-glands
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application of leucocyte alkaline phosphatase in Hodgkin's disease. Clin. Res .
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least two — one in the neighborhood of the upper, and the second in the neigh-
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age, scholarship, special training, aptness in interesting, controlling and
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An account of the experiments made by Dr. 1. P. Chrom, physician
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through a series of guinea-pigs. One could not produce poliomyelitis in guinea-
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Congress, to which the Profession throughout Europe has
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ancient writers yet the confusion between Elephantiasis Graecorum, a
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cioi. Making Ice Cream from Milk. — Bring two quarts rich
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Section 1. Medicine being a liberal profession, those admitted to its
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menini^itis over the vertex and over the frontal lobes, also over the anterior
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was normal. The strict diet was discontinued, but the beef juice
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in aqua regia, by chloride of ammonium, in the form of a double
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the acetabulum. In foiu: cases there was perforation of the
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"We ought, with such a lesion so placed, to have some impair-
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proportion broadly estimated being four to one. The preponderance
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Dr. Willett treated his case by continuous weight traction after crani-
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the parts, enters the punctum. while the hd | f^„ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^.^^^ I„ ^,^^^j^ ^f ,j,^ ^^^^
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case the state of the portal canals was not an accidental cirrhotic change, dne
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from Quiloa, with Mr. Seward, Her Majesty's Acting Political
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and is covered with a thin layer of fibrin, which unites it to the sur-
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Poland China. — Full, clear, prominent, and expressive.
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nutely described, but no form of treatment was found
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bacterial element of the disease, and, 2. I whish to
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prevention and removal of ill balances of the body and inexactness in
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is ren)inded of the curious inverted reaction to extract of anterior lobe,
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mixing together (wo ounces of extract of hemlock, a pint of
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