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M.D., D.Sc., F.R.C.P.Ed., Physician to the Royal Infirmary; Consulting Physician to

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of chorea must yet depend on functional disturbance {i. e. disordered nutri-

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through the male line, but the speaker held that the re-

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should explain that I do so as something of a protest against the rather

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country. He received his license from the old Medical Board

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condition of the uterus. Dr. Eowlette's report of the frag-

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condenser, a head mirror, a nasal speculum, a tongue depres-

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highly esteemed practitioner in Copenhagen, had experi-

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build up a pathological chemistry which promises to be

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2d. That most of the nearly mature follicles do not rupture and extrude their

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mouth. This man was sent home immediately, on furlough for

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usually called, swim about in stagnant pools and perform

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held to the proposition that the ideal anesthetic agent

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hour. After six hours the condition was unmistakably

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is obtained. Although individual patients may respond to any dos-

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drug in his |)ractice, and generally with advantage.

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The mustard cataplasm was re-applied, but no relief followed.

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son) is by far the most vascular organ in the body. In addition to

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ley in England. Lavoisier, the great Erench chemist, gave it its

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nected with the state of the lungs in a new-bom child, and the medical

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several loose dejections, almost incessant short cough, with oc-

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labour, by the number of hours, but by the present symptoms

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decision for a subsequent meeting. The subject of midwifery

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muscles of the ball are paralyzed, except the external rectus and the superior

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All the essential facts of human physiology have been

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Often too often all that we can attempt is to relieve the most

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evidence in support of the usual practice at the hospital, namely,

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extent of the valve, corresponding portions of the endocardium and the