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are admitted to the hospital and the hospital staff do the work.

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district in which the case occurs. The outfits for making the cultures,

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dependent upon the presence of the constituents of the bile

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the legs, which did not pass off for fifteen days. It evi-

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Blood below the normal temperature will not circulate as

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ments in the Medical and Surgical Sciences. Edited by Hobart Amorv Hare,

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Laennec, has been called infiltrated tubercle. But that this mode

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hour for four doses, to be discontinued if no relief follows.

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quinine 8 gr., carmine (or cochineal) \ dr., oil of peppermint 3

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surface of the intestinal canal is better fitted by its habit of life for

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Bacillus ceci, Ford; liquefies gelatin, casein, and blood serum.

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and thorough revision. As soon as it will become possible to

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may be doubted, but the fact is plain that civilization is breeding an

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usually die, because, as a matter of fact, their natural way of feed-

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scarring is deepest. Thus it cannot be due to a complete degeneration

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In regard to the technics and execution of the anesthesia with ethyl

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pbysema. Interlobular and sub-pleural empbysema are caused by rup-

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2. Since the bacillus of Loffler is looked upon as the cause of

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Distributio?i. — Found in Australia; not reported in

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ordinarily done to correct constipation — if necessary a high enema of

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may be confidently recommended as an almost indispensable

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to gout, or phthisis, or any other heritable constitutional

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Excluding from the first series 2, and from the second 1, wlio died within two

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3. The bacillus coli acquires, by passing through the

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lungs were engorged with venous blood, which flowed freely with each incision

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transversely: the upper end of the femur is exposed and

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and also on alkaline media. When growing as parasites in animal

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