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superiority to those who had had a shorter training.

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The pov'der should be used in all cases, where it is not neces-

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greenish material, and on the morning of re-entrance

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the physician instead of wounding the nasal raucous

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Andrew Lewis. And a Treatise on the Cultivation of the

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Operation Jan. 13, 1903. An incision was made on the

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' Read before The Massachusetts Medical Society, June 9, 1903.

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if either pecuniary rewards or honours should become

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tantalizing glimpses, to me irresistibly attractive. I felt

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and geographical knowledge, the result of travels in

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ficial, but quite severe, and he was carried to his

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of the si)inal muscles, weakness, and frecpicntly to

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before long find ourselves in like case." Macquart,

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across with kangaroo tendon as high up as possible,

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An evidence of the opposition by many of the natives

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but in accordance with professional practice ; it was

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of instances. The especial pur[)ose of the study was

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Schilddruse. Deutsche Zeitschr. f. Chir., 1885, Bd. 22, s. 387.

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fe of its present, and to forget to fix its gaze on

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but the small intestine was torn apar.t and the two

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epithelial casts, were found in the sediment, together

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The other international tuberculosis congress announced

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conditions necessary to keep a foreign body in place

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placed semilunar cartilages, but it is not to these

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lums in the State, 931. The net increase in all in-

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witli tl>e tissue, but none developed tid)eieulosiH.

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seductive as to be responsible for considerable truancy on

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ful. He was responsible, also, for keeping up fairness

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