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forced feeding, etc., as prescribed by Weir Mitchell. The worries of litigation

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rifying delusions. In the agitated form (melancholia agitata) the patient is

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degeneration, contribute an important part to the result in such patients. In-

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6. The Faculty has the power to relieve a candidate who is in possession of

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The Censors hold an examination of such candidates at the beginning

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brachial, or superior paraplegia; diseases in the dorsal and lumbar cord a

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and rectum remain normal. In many cases the disease terminates fatally.

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already know (compare page 199) that every lesion of the great motor-ganglion

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correctly an English composition of not less than two hundred words.

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a. Weigh all fillers, flats, and eqgs from one end of the sample case, round the

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One Travelling Prize, of £100 value, given in alternate years to

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frequent and of some astiological significance. Several cases may occur in

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ination in some special field of surgery. Work as an undergraduate extern or intern or

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The lyurriculum is the same 843 that of the other Teterlnary col-

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Durham, who have completed one year of medical study at the

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usually drift into the criminal class — the " born delinquents " {" Vuomo de-

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5. Only those aspirants are admitted to the examination who requie a brevet

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other strict dietary regimen, many diabetics lose their sugar with surprising

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One method for the symptomatic treatment of tabes deserves special men-

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Symptomatology. — The symptoms of leukaemia develop, as a rule, very

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ceptions to this rule, and then the muscles of the lower leg (peronei), espe-

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reaches the posterior end of the chain i± grivid, that is, full of ^ertililetf eggs. '

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