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peripheral auditory system can be safely stimulated
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formance on objective data derived from record room
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portion of them. The remainder of the interior must be scraped with a
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Ireland, Dublin," after February 11 for the Spring Examination?
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They get into the blood stream and are thus distributed to the muscles.
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the speech is quite unintelligible, although obviously divided up into words
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calls an adrenal sarcoma, or whether it arose in the capsule of the
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autoplastie; guerison. J. de m6d., chir. et pharmncol.,
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mentous question, whether the best and most effectual means
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the patient did not feel capable of using the posterior nasal syringe, she re-
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specific germ of yellow fever, and consequently there is
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that a surgeon of eminence, who has examined his case, has advised him not
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teeth. He says that pains in the shoulder and acromion, over the insertion
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diced persons would consider it justifiable is certanily the
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gases, and the law which relates to the difference in
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With the increased intelligence of our people we feel
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little of the ground-glass appearance in the aspect
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oj)inion tliat imj)etigo contagiosa in children is identical with pem-
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a man, who, in a paroxysm of jealousy, had just cut his throat with a pocket-
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one aptly observed, it produced in addition the kind
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mental hospitals at the seat of war, as they would at their own
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"fracture" it differs as a rule only in degree; the
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being firmly imbedded in the stenosed canal or still adherent to the
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from valvular lesions or marked atheromatous changes
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by ether from the root of the male shield fern, Mad. Nouft'er's old re-
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was given a solution of eserine and sent home for a
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House and recommends that Resolution S not be adopted.
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fAbstr.]: Arch. Ophth., N. Y., 1894, xxiii, 166. — Hotz
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purses in tlieir behalf, medical colleges, with few exceptions, have an
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her ringlets streaming in the wind, her face with the freshness and
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Eucalytol should not only be given inter- cases expressed a doubt as to whether
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large mass of blood was found in the abdomen. Peritonitis
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usual course is a gradual increase in the paresis ; the countenance be-
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