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ral membrane, but proceeds from the conditions, relating to the blood and

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ceptibility to intestinal spasm belongs to some persons, constituting a

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animals destroyed after a period varying from two to three months, in

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beneath the skin. The stomach was greatly distended, and the

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Purined (all inert and irritating matter is removed)

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usuall}^ fatal. A fetid, gangrenous fluid is Yery rare ; it denotes gangrene,

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patient during this time not raising himself even to the semi-recumbent

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pisms, dry cups, and stimulating liniments, are, to a certain extent, use-

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course, alwa3"s to be taken into account. Enlargement of the liver

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markable urbanity. He was a favorite pupil and intimate friend

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form matter, apparently coning from the inflamed tonsil ; and he

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Another attack of illness, early in the year 1821, interrupted his

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into the text books of the day. Had it been made from an

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dio-est milk well is, it is generally taken as a beverage after or with solid

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the process of desquamation of the cuticle which occurs after some

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the Southern Medical Heports^ vol. i., describes an epidemic colic which

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And Dr. Sprott Boyd agrees with him, for he says 'Hhe

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pincott, Qrambo and Co., for the publication of the Summary

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In this case the symptoms were not so violent as in the former,

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a sufficient motive for adopting this measure in its more continu-

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many times more rapid and abundant than from the cavity of

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the gas is derived from putrefactive or fermentative changes in the ingesta.

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and alimentary canal. The above-named author is of the

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is always unfavorable. In this statement traumatic cases are excluded ;

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servations are : Firat^ the variations in appearances which occur within

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adhered most closely. In this Institution, he collected the mate-

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that the laborious efforts of breathing may be carried on for a length of

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Soothing and emollient cataplasms were directed to the swollen

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biographical sketch of Dr. George McClellan, which was read in

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Circumscribed clironic pneumonitis, with tlie foregoing characters, is

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(2) Wood— Therapeutics : Its Principles and Practice, . . " " 6.00

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butes so largely to the death-rate in all countries, viz., phthisis. It is un-

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The danger from this effect of the operation thus relates to the bronchial

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^ Papine is the Anodyne or pain-relieving principle of Opium, the Nar* ^

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CQ tendency to cause Nausea, Vomiting, Constipation, Eto. |q

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only 7. The quarterly average number of deaths from phthisis

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be effected, in any disease, without the powers of nature. He

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