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wastes rapidly, and daily grows weaker ; while it often has sick-
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932 cases of gunshot injuries had been treated at tliis
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That pneumonia in children is a very interesting, a very common,
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ex[)erience goes it has led me to the belief that the
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"There, but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford." Another
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the cure of fevers, and opposed strongly the then prevalent
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as their name indicates, in that they do not act upon the infect-
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King, Chief Statistician for Vital Statistics, Census Bureau.
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before my examination. It was non-progressive, the general health of
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cure a formidable operation called Lithotomy, an operation
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physician, M. Manetti of Italy, had proposed the introduction of quinine
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The arms of the patient must not be brought above his head nor
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of the " tree of knowledge." The non-exercise of the same fur-
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never used or sought after for the production of pleasurable
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than the preventive measures of asepsis. The writer well
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under), if seen early, abortion should be induced ; towards the
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Administration liuilding will be com[)leted within a
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swelling increasing, and there is a considerable quantity
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tumor, but does not remove the sac, which is a source of
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rather than beneficial when the number of bacilli in the body is
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moisture, and exposure to the atmospheric air. The temperature most
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especially on the back and thighs, are frequently produced in cachectic
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ment of seventy-five cases of acute lobar pneumonia due to pneumo-
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urge a higher standard of medical education ; faithfully to
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sets in, the pulse becomes rapid, there may be paralysis, and coma
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by those reporting them *" either to the colon bacillus or the pro tens bacillus.
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ton, D. ('.. in !!><)() was. with slight modi-
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senting about 1 cm. of the fresh cord are removed to glycerine
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