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four days the prominent features of the constitutional dis-
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{From the Laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.)
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passed very little urine, acid, sp. gr. 1025, containing one
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especially at night after the operation, his pupils
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danger in typhoid fever does not consist in high tem-
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similar to that experienced when a large shell is held against the ear.
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first week after the commencement of the headache. chiUs,
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Prom a sanitary point of view a door in two halves,
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" The superintendent or keeper of any lunatic hospital, in-
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In the limbs the weakness is usually associated with much stiffness. The
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at the indoor temperature to the proper relative humidity. Eeferring
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a light touch with lunar caustic, or the application of any astrin-
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the vert, merid. are kept parallel, while they are inclined
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Legacy to the world. To which purpose, some things are
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cavity of the uterus the polyp is covered with the lining mem-
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too numerous to mention separated from milk many various lac-
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very careful stock of the different elements already admitted to our
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their neighbourhood. In the kidneys there are several abscesses in the
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of hospital medical attendants is such tluit special
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were the eyes to be concave, the retina would not be large enough
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origin, 246 ; original formation in the veins of the
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The following figures, from a trustworthy source (14),
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ClivoHtcl;. VVicn. kiln. VVocii., l)cc(MnliĀ«T ;i, IH'.m;.
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tender emotions," says Froebel, "and when once powerfully appealed
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theatre of the Faculty of Medicine. There was a large attendance
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on management in each of these three respects, it were difficult to
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