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children and young people ; and when it assumed an epidemic

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are not new, was forced upon us when we undertook to isolate certain

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increased the S-T interval approached the normal, although it did not

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tions, the sale of our " Guide to Health" should be sup-

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afterwards callous, so that the horse becomes unmanageable.

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appetites, had refused to acknowledge him as a friend, or even to

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anywhere in the body, as well as the rachialgia already

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some cases there may be no vascular disease at all, but that " some derange-

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with each other at the joints, the force of every shock

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E. L., AGED 13 years, was the ninth of ten children ; his mother's

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CuMSTON, C. G., Square de Champel, 8 bis., Geneva, Switzerland

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This point being so far settled, and there being no physical

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Maladies du Foie '; Moxon, * Pathological Society's Transac-

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included from continental pharmacopoeias, and from the pharmacopoeias

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" On or about that time a physician was sent for, but he told

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takes place immediately. In order therefore to detect

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Oats, mice, and other animals which were inoculated with

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sprain; treatment. Special dislocations; shoulder, lower jaw, fingers,

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had been overworked. (2.) The encouragement of any new hobby or study,

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Wegelin, C. : Die Schilddruse. In Henke, F., and Lubarsch,

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follow that within six weeks the water may not become contaminated.

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action in the blood stream, might be attained by an intravenous injec-

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ously deposited in the birth-canal. That a patient may also

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spiral ; the interior of the uterus showed no marks of

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in cases of jaundice, diabetes, etc., or cases of excessive perspiration (from

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clinician-perceived HIV-1 infection risk information, clini-