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Bayfield H. G. I^mpson, Washb'n T. B. Hicks, Washburn

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addition to these, however, other circumstances require consideration ;

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the presidency of Dr. W. H. Marcy, of Buffalo, N. Y.

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this Council, pledges us to continue our communications with

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most three hours to complete the oxidation. The mixture is now allowed to cool,

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" All true science begins with empiricism — though all

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The Edith Barnard Memorial Fellowship in Chemistry, established in memory of

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tention to its importance, and says it is often overlooked.

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ritis. Klin Monatsbl. f. Aufieuh., Stuttg., 1899, xxxvii.

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skin ; but this atrophy is much later, and seldom so complete as that which

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and back, is thus induced. I cannot, however, endorse this,

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a series of animals was studied, of which the bladders were filled with

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cause ; but it should be remembered that carbonic acid itself is a narcotic

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signs of a tumor or other pyloric obstruction ; thinking

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culous affection chiefly, or entirely, to a bronchitis or bronchial catarrh,

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lation de la France. Ibid., 1887, iv, 513-516. — dc Mor-

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nspirataon. Revulsive applications to the chest are useful, but blisters

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1 — bronchitis, 1 — consumption, 15 — convulsions, 4 — croup, 13 — cyanosis, 1 — delulity, 2 —

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tain Bacilli? — The Paris correspondent of the British

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preserving their children from contagion. Later on, school-children