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Parenchymatous Injections in Acute Inflammatory Affec-

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CHAPTER II. — Of the duties of physician! to eacfa other, ami to the profes-

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An intelligent study of human milk will lead up to a more just

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hours to a week should precede elective abdominal work,

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the abdomen, belly-aches, pimples about the ventri-

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taining the same solution and a nail-brush is placed on

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of latitude, with a mean annual temperature of about 60° F. (16° C).

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(VI) Effect of Electrical Current on Plant-besponse.

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it subsided under large doses of iron. On the nine-

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telligence and discretion, and that a child of his age,

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family history of mental disease are particularly liable to develop

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carotid arrests bruit and pulsation, and diminishes size of

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tool in all its structure ; and secondly, the muscle re-

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and after continuing for awhile to press the abdomen against various

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rules marriage had established. It therefore devolved upon fathers and

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to proceed, as recommended by Roux and Chassaignac, by

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form the medical profession that we have decided to discontinue

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6. Tlierapentic Action of Muriate of Lime. — The chloride of calcium

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gangrenous condition of the strangulated portion. The