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theoretical and philosophical problems connected with the

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more perfect, the tongue cleans, and the prostration diminishes. Large

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fice when the whole lip, and perhaps one or both commissures, are involved in the disease.

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they may be performing in controlling the position of the joints. This

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first purpose, it is often better to postpone the primary exami-

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lants and Narcotics ") all showing that a human body

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formidable, and a disease which is apt to prove mortal. Left with-

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came on after typhoid fever, and one was due to sclerosis en

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disulfiram antabuse uk contraindications

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March 19th. — Patient sitting ujs. Passive motion.

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with each other and with the spinal cord. In the interior of the cere-

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injection of iodine. Larger bronchoceles, which cause dyspnoea,

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that it was cured at all. One neighbor, who lost a child with the same

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steamed and gave injections, cleansed the stomach, and

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afflicted with the slighter degrees of idiocy. — Brit. Med. Jour. —

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persuaded that it was a case of pleurisy affecting the angle, and from

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Columbus ; C. E. Inskeep, Urbana ; J. E. Johnson and F. J.

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Professor Harrison of the Ontario Agricultural College re-

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pression of the nervous system, or any disturbance of nutri-

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we would judge to be rather scanty, as since the value of

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restlessness and fever : on the 4th the doctor was called and

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other, and bear the bright ideas of them in their minds. And

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win bring new life and salvation to millions of people, whether

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clusions: Either, in spite of all my previous observations, I had deceived

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the final sleep with so much unconsciousness that they